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Shantou 4 Hands Massage

Ever imagined what it would be like to have two sensational masseuses touch and caress every inch of your body at the same time? Before now, this was a thing of dreams, but at needsomelove service we can turn that dream into a reality. Our extra naughty 4 Hands Massage gives you the chance to experience an erotic massage with not one, but two of our experienced masseuses. For the ultimate erotic experience of a life time, we recommend this style of massage because it will fulfill your wildest fantasies; that’s a promise. Until you lie down on that massage table, the power is in your hands, meaning you are able to personally select two of our girls to guide you through the massage. As well as selecting two gorgeous and fully trained masseuses, you get to choose the style of massage too. This once in a life time experience is not too good to be true, so don’t waste another second and book your session with us

What does 4 hands massage involve?

we understand that every client is different, so we offer a range of massages to suit your every need. If you’re looking for a really naughty experience, the Nuru is definitely for you. Sit back and relax as your two naked masseuses use special Nuru gel to slide all over you, using their breasts, bums and crotch’s to massage your entire body.

For something a little more relaxing, how about trying our 4 Hands Lingam Massage? Your two sexy masseuses will use various techniques to massage and caress your Lingam (penis) in a way you’ve never had before. All you need to do is lie there and enjoy the sensation of 4 hands instead of 2.

Want to see 2 naked women drenched in oil? If the answer is yes, then a Body to Body massage is the one for you. Have your body massaged, touched and caressed by both masseuses at the same time while they get up close and personal.

For the sensual experience of a life time, don’t hesitate any longer, book in with one of our fully trained masseuses for a tantalising Tantric massage. This truly enlightening experience will clear your mind, re-connect your body and soul and give you that much needed sexual release that you crave.

Looking to experiment? We definitely recommend you give our Prostate Massage a go. Do not be scared, your masseuses will massage and stimulate your G-spot and give you pleasure like you’ve never had it before. For a truly incredible orgasm, this is what you need.

What should I expect from a 4 handed massage?

Cleanliness is important to us, so all clients are expected to take a shower at least 30 minutes before the session is due to commence. Depending on your style of massage and the shower facilities available, you might be lucky enough to shower off with your masseuses first. If you’re using our mobile service, select an appropriate place for the massage to take place. This should be extra spacious, as you’re dealing with two gorgeous bodies, not just one.

Your masseuses will start by covering your crotch area for some initial discretion, but will endeavour to remove it once they’re sure you’re relaxed and comfortable with it.

As with any erotic massage therapy, the session will begin with a relaxing full body massage to smooth out any knots in your muscles and help you unwind. Feel your whole body loosen and relax as not two, but four hands drive you into an almost euphoric state. Once relaxed, your masseuses will commence with your chosen style of massage, so all you need to do is lie back and enjoy the ride.

Shantou Body to Body Massage

if you are looking to transform your deepest desires and fantasies into an erotic reality, a Body to Body Massage is just what you need. Whether you are pining for human intimacy or just need to relax, one of our trained masseuses will guide you through a sensual experience that will clear your mind and open you up to a world of pleasure. At needsomelove service , our aim is to make your experience unforgettable, so don’t hesitate any longer and let us show you what we can do for you.

What is a body to body massage?

Our Body to Body Massages are extremely intimate and require you and your masseuse to be naked/semi naked to achieve that extra closeness. This style of massage was designed to cater for those who crave intimacy and sensuality; but the best part is, you get to share this with a beautiful decent. Drenched in special massage oils, your masseuse will slide across your slippery naked body, massaging and caressing every inch of your torso, limbs and intimate areas. Your masseuse will introduce you to pleasure points that you never knew existed, and will help teach your body to unlock and experience the purest of sensations. Body to Body Massages are the ultimate pleasure, and promise to leave you completely satisfied in every way possible. But you need stop imagining it, and come experience it for yourself.

What to expect during a session.

As you are aware, Body to Body massages require naked/semi naked contact, so participants are expected to thoroughly shower beforehand to ensure that both you and your masseuse are as clean as possible. This will make the experience more enjoyable for you, but will also help relax your body and mind. Once you arrive for your incall body to body massage. Your masseuse will start by asking you to undress and lie face down on the massage table. The room will have been transformed into a haven of tranquillity, with scented candles burning and soothing music playing lightly in the background to relax you even further. Warm massage oil will then be drizzled across your body, and your masseuse will start to glide her hands across your sleek physique.

At first, your personally selected masseuse will perform a full body massage on you, to iron out any points of tension across your body. Her experienced hands will knead the stress from your body as pure euphoria descends on the room. Her light and gentle touch will heighten your sensitivity, and prepare you for the nearing body-to-body contact. Once your masseuse is sure you are relaxed, she will then proceed to drench herself in oil and thoroughly rub it in across the many curves of her body. She will then gently mount you and continue glide, push, grind and slide across every inch of your body. The sensation is unparalleled, and will transcend you into a state of frenzy. You will then be asked to turn over and experience the contact face to face. This time round, you will be able to see your sexy masseuse pushing and grinding her slender body, breasts and genitals against your own. If this is too much to handle, if your sensitivity begins to reach breaking point, do not worry, just let it go. Although not expected, orgasms are welcomed and encouraged, because after all, they are the ultimate release. Whether you experience that release once, twice, several times or not at all, your masseuse will make sure you experience the ultimate pleasure both physically and spiritually.

Shantou Erotic Massage

Erotic massage. Doesn’t it sound heavenly? Doesn’t sound like something that belongs in your wildest dreams? Well luckily for you, we at needsomelove can help turn those fantasies into reality. Our highly trained masseuses have been specially trained in the art of erotic massage and are available at the click of a button or a phone call away.

Maybe you’ve been feeling low from the stresses of work and everyday life. Maybe you’ve been all work and no play. An erotic massage is the perfect way to experience relaxation, fun and thrill all at the same time – and at the hands of a beautiful masseuse with a flawless body.

Massages are one of the oldest forms of manual therapy, and erotic takes it to another level – healing not only the body but pleasing the mind as well. Erotic massages aren’t just insanely sexy, they’re great for balancing the mind, helping with muscle pain and improving sex drive. Who said you can’t enjoy what’s good for you?

Why is an erotic massage so good?

A lot of people confuse a sensual massage for an erotic, but actually, the erotic is a step up. While sensual focuses on heightening the senses for arousal, erotic massage techniques stimulate the erogenous zones until you reach a level of arousal and desire you’ve never reached before. We at needsomelove pride ourselves on providing services tailored to our individual client, so whether you’re a regular or a newbie, do not worry – our highly trained masseuses will know how to pleasure you to the edge of bliss and beyond.?

What to expect from an erotic massage

Erotic massages are about slow hands and gradually building up arousal and desire to the point of release. It’s a very intensely pleasurable process. You might be grumpy and tense when you begin the session, but we guarantee you’ll come out a happy, excited new man.

Once you have arrive for your incall massage experience. The session will typically begin with the masseuse slowly massaging down your body, exploring your sensitive areas and working out any tight knots. Once you’re relaxed and your muscles are supple and soft (all except one!), the masseuse will begin to work on your erogenous areas, which is what takes this massage onto another level. She’ll bring you to the edge and back, teasing, stroking and playing until she’s satisfied your desire is burning into overdrive. When she allows you to release, you’ll feel as though you’re in Nirvana – an explosion of happiness, ecstatic joy and pleasure will flood out, and you’ll be left feeling drained yet satisfied with a balanced mind and soul.

Shantou Happy Ending Massage

Is work grinding you down? Is everyday life stressing you out? Do you lie in bed, thoughts racing through your mind, unable to sleep because you’re dreading the day ahead? If you find yourself becoming increasingly irritable and unable to relax even on the weekends, it’s time to let our happy ending massage services help you. Whether you’re a bright-eyed tourist, a local or a commuting businessman, our beautiful and highly skilled masseuses can adapt to your needs and help you reach the happy ending you’re looking for.

Our needsomelove service are fully trained therapies and will give you an experience you’ll never forget. When you choose us, you can be certain you’re getting the happy ending of your wildest dreams – and for a reasonable price! we only care about your needs and deepest desires.

What is a happy ending massage?

A happy ending massage is what it says on the tin. It’s a form of massage therapy that works toward a ‘manual’ release of tension with the aim of totally relaxing, satisfying and de-stressing you. Happy ending massages have been around for centuries and many people – from tourists to CEOs – have indulged in it.

The idea of a happy ending massage is to relax and help you release any pent-up tension and stress that’s built up over time. You might have heard about this kind of therapy on the Internet or through whispers in the air, and more often than not, it won’t be positive. But touch has been proven to help with mood and stress, and there’s nothing better than a massage climaxing in a happy ending. After all, there are few problems that can’t be brushed away with the gentle caress of a woman’s soft hand.

At we believe relaxation and a stress-free life are the most important things, and we want to help you achieve that. But we understand –you’re curious yet unsure because you don’t know what to expect.

Well, one of our aims is to cater to every one of our clients’ needs and wishes, so details may vary from customer to customer. But typically, after you’ve chosen a masseuse, the session will begin with a slow but sensual full body massage. The masseuse will work her way down your body, seeking out any notable points of tension and smooth out the knots in your muscles.

The style of massage will depend on the type of massage modality you’ve chosen, for example, sensual, tantric or nuru, but the aim is the same – to relax. Once you’ve completely relaxed and surrendered to your senses, the therapist will start to work on your sensitive areas. By this point, you’re probably pretty aroused! The therapist will work to maintain this state of total arousal – continuously bringing you to the edge and back again – until your desires are driving you crazy.

At this point, the therapist will focus on the groin area and build up this arousal one last time. Massage techniques that have been perfected over time will be used to bring you to the ‘point of no return’ and deliver the happy ending of your dreams by releasing every drop of tension and stress you’ve been carrying.

Shantou Lingam Massage

Our special Lingam Massages are practiced exclusively for men and can bring levels of pleasure that have never been experienced before. This style of massage focuses on stimulating and massaging your genital’s, but is not strictly limited to this area alone. Our stunning and 100% authentic masseuses will teach you how to locate pleasure points on your body which you never knew existed, whilst slowly and gently easing you to the point of release. You are in control, which means you get to personally select one of our masseuses to share the session with. This style of massage is an extraordinary mix of sensual and erotic, meaning the benefits will last long after you’ve left the table. For long lasting benefits and a life changing experience, book your Lingam Massage today.

What is the purpose of a Lingam Massage?

“Lingam” is an ancient tantric word used to describe the penis, and is also known as the “staff of life”. In the practice of Tantra, the Lingam is honoured, and is believed to radiate creative energy and pleasure. The Lingam massage is designed and performed to celebrate the power of the Lingam, by re-establishing its connection with the body and soul. Your masseuse will teach you how to slowly build and prolong pleasure, resulting in a more intense orgasm. Contrary to common stereotypes, reaching orgasm is not the end goal of a Lingam massage, although it is a welcomed and encouraged side effect. Lingam massages are spiritual experiences that are performed to help you clear your mind, abandon negative energy and re-build self-esteem. If you allow yourself to reach this state of pure relaxation and euphoria, you will probably have the best sexual experience of your entire life.

What does lingam massage actually involve?

A Lingam Massage will start like most other types of massage, whereby you will be asked to take a shower at least 30 minutes before your session is due to begin. A warm shower will relax your muscles for the massage ahead, and will also give you the time to mentally prepare for the session. For this type of massage, your masseuse will ask you to pay extra attention to your Lingam and the surrounding area when thoroughly cleaning yourself. For added sensation and easy movement, we recommend that you trim before your session so that you are as smooth as possible for the masseuse to work her magic.

Once you are relaxed and prepared, your masseuse will ask you to undress and lie face down on either the massage table, bed or floor ( this can be chosen by you most of the time). A small towel will be provided for some privacy until you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to remove it. Your masseuse will not rush, and will start by giving you a full body massage to relax you and to get rid of any trapped tension. The soft and gentle technique will enable you to clear your mind, and any premeditated worries or observations about the massage will slowly drift away. Once relaxed, your masseuse will turn you onto your back and will slowly remove the towel. She will begin by gentle massaging your legs, inner thighs and shins, which will increase your sensitivity and arousal levels- and guess what, she will do all of this completely naked.

Once this point is reached, your masseuse will be able show you the real power of tantric practice. Your chosen masseuse will apply a range of different techniques and strokes to the lingam shaft, head, scrotum and testicles, whilst gently massaging your perineum and a few spots connected to the prostate. You will experience a range of different feelings and sensations, most of which you will have never felt before, but will make your entire body tingle and shake. But do not worry about ‘releasing’ too soon, your masseuse will teach you to control your orgasm, allowing you to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible. If you do eventually reach a climax, your masseuse will clean you off and allow you 10-15 minutes to recover.

what is an outcall lingam massage

Lingam Massages are about extending pleasure, so your masseuse will ensure that you continue to feel relaxed and comfortable for a considerable amount of time afterwards. You will leave the table feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and liberated. Your mind will be clear, your self-esteem will be boosted your body will feel like it never has before. This is a once in a life time experience, so don’t let it pass you by and book a session with one of our gorgeous Masseuses now. Or if you’re feeling really naughty

Shantou Nuru Massage

Have you ever heard of a nuru massage? Well, it’s also known as the ‘body slide massage’ because of the way the masseuse literally slides over the client as a way of massaging. It certainly is a creative and memorable way of massaging!

People who have experienced a nuru massage have called it the ‘ultimate pleasure’ and it’s said to be even better than sex – thanks to its highly arousing, teasing and foreplay-like nature. By having every inch of your bodies touch, nuru massages are more than just sensual and erotic. They allow your bodies and souls to connect in passionate frenzy of spirituality. At Needsomelove , our highly trained masseuses know exactly how to make your bodies tick.

The history of nuru massage

Japan is a country famed for its creativity and individuality. It’s also well-known for creating one of the most erotic massages out there. Although it’s highly erotic and sexual, it’s still celebrated as an art form. Unlike many other cultures where it’s seen as taboo, the Japanese recognise the necessity of sex for a personality.

Nuru massage was developed when explicit prostitution became illegal in Japan in 1958. The adult industry then turned to sensually bathing and massaging clients to the point of orgasm as an alternative to sex. These bathhouses, or ‘soaplands’ as they’re sometimes known as, became popular and are now one of the most expensive and desired services in Japan’s red light district.

What makes nuru so special?

As you now know, a nuru massage is a massage that involves full body contact. When a nuru massage session is underway, no part of your body or the masseuse’s will be left untouched! But the difference between a nuru and a body to body massage is the gel that’s used. In a body to body massage, the usual massage oils and lotions are used. But a nuru massage uses a special edible gel that’s made from the Nori seaweed. It’s odourless and colourless, but extremely slippery. It acts as a sort of lubricant, allowing for minimum friction and maximum slide between your two bodies – meaning ultimate pleasure for you!

What to expect in a nuru massage

After you’ve chosen your dreamy masseuse, and decided upon whether you wish for an incall or outcall massage, they’ll begin the session with a steamy shared shower or bath. This is to help you relax and begin the spiritual bonding process with the masseuse. Plus, it’s totally naughty –don’t you think?

Once you’re clean and relaxed (and probably a little aroused), the masseuse will take you to the massaging area, which may be a massage table, a bed or comfortable floor space. She will ask you to get comfortable while she mixes the nuru gel with warm water to get the desired consistency. She’ll then cover her entire naked body in the gel – while you watch – before stroking it onto your own body and rubbing it all over.

This is where the massage will turn particularly steamy. She’ll slowly climb on top of you, and start to sensually grind and rub her oiled body all over you. There won’t be a single part of her body that won’t touch yours. That’s right – this gorgeous woman will be pressing and sliding her breasts, stomach, buttocks, legs and groin against your skin, as well as using her hands. You’ll be going wild with desire. We recommend taking the passion to the next level and allowing her to stimulate you right to the very end. Feel all of your stresses and worries melt away with the brush of a well-trained hand. Feel a release like never before!

Shantou Outcall Massage

Have you ever felt so stressed and worn out by the pressures of everyday life? Do you get home from work feeling absolutely shattered and drained? Do you wake up every morning feeling demotivated? An erotic massage can help fix this and turn that frown upside down.

We offer a range of massages that can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. That’s why we have such loyal clientele and an established reputation – not only is our service high class, but we also endeavour to work around you. We believe that this is the key to excellent service. With us, you’ll never need to reshuffle your schedule and make time for us. We will work around you and make the experience pleasurable and hassle-free from start to finish.

An outcall massage is a service where the therapist travels to you. It’s much more convenient than an incall service because you don’t need to find and travel to a parlour. it’s even easier. All you have to do is give us a call or drop us an email with your chosen massage style, therapist, time, date and location. And you can set all this up wherever you are. There’s minimum effort required.

Our therapists are fully mobile, providing business outcall services to men . They are flexible and can travel to any location, from hotels to your private home. As well as the happy endings, you can expect to experience the usual beneficial properties of a massage with one of our services. Our tantric massage, sensual massage, nuru massage, erotic massage and 4 Hands massage all relieve muscle tension and knots, improve blood circulation and increase endorphin levels to create total mental and physical relaxation.

It can be difficult to find authentic oriental massage therapy for good prices, but with us, we have all this. We offer the highest quality outcall massage services with some of the most beautiful therapists for the best prices. All of our masseuses are fully trained in erotic, tantric and sensual massage therapy so they are more than well equipped to provide you with a genuine massage experience.

Massage Therapy is a proven and effective means of relaxation and stress relief. Therapeutic massage is increasingly being recommended by doctors and other health care professionals to complement traditional medicine as research proves its healing effects.

Here are the key benefits of receiving massage:

Massage feels good, it is pleasurable and it increases body awareness and sensitivity.

Alleviate “office work syndrome”: tension-related headaches, migraine, low-back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, trapezius and hamstrings muscle pain, sciatica and various muscular tightness.

Relieve sleeping disorder thus easing or even eliminating medication dependence.

Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the body’s natural defense system.

Exercise and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles.

Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts.

Improve the condition of the body’s largest organ—the skin.

Increase joint flexibility thereby improving range of motion.

Lessen depression and anxiety.

Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.

Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.

Reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling.

Reduce spasms and cramping.

Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.

Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller.

Clinical researches done in the past few decades have demonstrated massage therapy as a potent and one of the safest treatment methods for a wide variety of ailments as well as for wellness maintenance.

Circulatory System's Benefits:

Produces a dilation of the blood vessels thereby improving circulation.

Reduces the lack of blood, reduces pain due to the irritation of free nerve endings.

Speeds the elimination of the waste products of metabolism.

Massage helps to reduce swelling.

Massage increases the number of red blood cells in circulation.

Massage has the overall effect of lowering blood pressure.

Facilitates tissue healing through the enhancement of circulation.

Massage reduces the pulse rate.

Massage can break the cycle of spasm and pain by decreasing both.

Musculoskeletal Systems' Benefits:

Increases the blood supply and nutrition to the muscles.

Helps muscles recover more quickly from exertion and fatigue.

Relaxes muscles, reducing spasm, tension and cramping.

Reduces adhesions (knots) and fibrosis.

Improves the circulation and nutrition of the joints and can increase joint range of motion.

Helps to reestablish proper tone in muscles.

Reduces muscle and soft tissue pain.

Reduces joint strain and compression through releasing tight muscles and tendons.

Increases ease and efficiency of movement.

Supports increased work capacity and metabolism.

Massage can stimulate muscle contraction.

Nervous System's Benefits:

Massage stimulates the touch, pressure and proprioceptive receptors of the skin and underlying tissue.

Massage can have a sedative, stimulating or even exhausting effect on the nervous system depending on the type and length of treatment given.

Massage reduces sympathetic stimulation and helps to balance the autonomic nervous system.

Massage relaxes the muscles and helps to reestablish proper tonus through its effect on the neuromuscular reflex pathways.

Known to affect the neurotransmitters of the brain and increase endorphin secretion in particular.

Massage can reduce nerve entrapment through the release of soft tissue or muscular binding.

Massage can reduce nerve root compression caused by muscular tension.

"Psychiatric conditions, most notably depression, have been alleviated by the use of massage therapy. One of the possible explanations for these findings is the increase of serotonin levels noted following massage therapy." Tiffany M. Field, Keep it Simple Series Guide to Massage.

Lymphatic System's Benefits:

Massage increases tissue fluid and lymphatic circulation thus reducing swelling and enhancing the immune and filtering activities of this system.

Massage increases venous and lymphatic flow.

Massage reduces swelling by enhancing lymphatic circulation.

Excretory System's Benefits:

Massage increases the excretion (via the kidneys) of fluids and waste products of protein metabolism, inorganic phosphorous and salt in normal individuals.

Massage can facilitate elimination through the large intestines by mechanically stimulating peristalsis and improving tone.

Skin's Benefits:

Helps to reduce tension in the skin and adjoining tissues as well as increasing its circulation and improve its nutrition.

Respiratory System's Benefits:

Massage deepens and normalizes the breathing pattern through relaxation, and release of tension in the breathing structures, both the rib cage and the muscles of respiration.

Massage can be used to relieve congestion in the lungs through percussive and compressive movements.

Digestive System's Benefits

Massage stimulates peristalsis and can reduce cramping or spasm in the digestive tract.

Massage supports healthy digestion through its stress releasing effects.

And while the benefits of massage are currently well documented, new studies are consistently becoming available that further demonstrate the positive influences that this therapeutic technique has for everyone. For further scientific reference, review the clinical research studies examining the benefits of massage and also Reflexology Research.

A Powerful Ally

There’s no denying the power of bodywork. Regardless of the adjectives we assign to it (pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic) or the reasons we seek it out (a luxurious treat, stress relief, pain management), massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen.

Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. While eliminating anxiety and pressure altogether in this fast-paced world may be idealistic, massage can, without a doubt, help manage stress. This translates into:

Decreased anxiety.

Enhanced sleep quality.

Greater energy.

Improved concentration.

Increased circulation

Reduced fatigue.

Furthermore, clients often report a sense of perspective and clarity after receiving a massage. The emotional balance bodywork provides can often be just as vital and valuable as the more tangible physical benefits.

Profound Effects

In response to massage, specific physiological and chemical changes cascade throughout the body, with profound effects. Research shows that with massage:

Arthritis sufferers note fewer aches and less stiffness and pain.

Asthmatic children show better pulmonary function and increased peak air flow.

Burn injury patients report reduced pain, itching, and anxiety.

High blood pressure patients demonstrate lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety, and stress hormones.

Premenstrual syndrome sufferers have decreased water retention and cramping.

Preterm infants have improved weight gain.

Increase the Benefits with Frequent Visits

Getting a massage can do you a world of good. And getting massage frequently can do even more. This is the beauty of bodywork. Budgeting time and money for bodywork at consistent intervals is truly an investment in your health. And remember: just because massage feels like a pampering treat doesn’t mean it is any less therapeutic. Consider massage appointments a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan, and work with our therapists to establish a treatment schedule that best meets your needs.

Shantou Prostate Massage

Prostate massages are incredibly pleasurable experiences; however, for many men, they are often daunting and seriously misunderstood. As well as having a vast portfolio of health benefits, Prostate Massages can be extremely spiritual and liberating experiences for many. We have all heard of the term, ‘G-Spot’, however, this is usually associated with women and women only. In Tantra, the male G-Spot, which is located in the prostate gland, is known as the ‘sacred spot’ because once accessed and massaged correctly, it can unleash pleasure beyond imagination. Whether you suffer from a prostate-related health issue, or just want to experience the orgasm of a life time, a Prostate Massage is perfect for you. At needsomelove , our masseuses are experts in their field, and are here to make your journey of sexual enlightenment as enjoyable and satisfying as physically possible. If you are looking to treat an unresolved health issue or are looking to experience the ultimate orgasm, a Prostate Massage is just what you need.

What is a prostate massage?

A Prostate massage is a form of massage that has been crafted over many, many centuries by Tantric Masters in central Asia. This style of massage involves various massage techniques which are designed to create pleasure and to improve your physical and mental health overall. This massage is often described as a ‘prostate milking service’ because at the end of the massage, your prostate gland will be manually stimulated and ‘milked’, resulting in a mind blowing release of sperm and trapped fluid. Although this may seem daunting, prostate massages are known to have improved the lives of many men across the world.

Furthering their healing abilities, Prostate Massages are often prescribed by doctors because of their unprecedented way of treating prostate-related issues such as prostatitis, fluid blockages, blood pressure and painful urination and ejaculation. But don’t be fooled, these massages aren’t just good for your insides. They are seriously erotic and pleasurable- no matter what age and sexuality you are. Unfortunately, many men tend to steer clear of anal stimulation because it is often regarded as taboo and associated solely with homosexuality.

A Prostate message is neither of these things- it is an enlightening, relaxing and pleasurable experience which should be explored by men of all shapes, sizes and sexualities. There is nothing shameful about experiencing the ultimate pleasure with a stunning naked masseuse, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

What happens in a prostate massage?

A Prostate Massage will start like any other massage, whereby clients will be asked to thoroughly shower 30 minutes before the session is due to start. This will prepare your skin for the massage and also relax your muscles. Unlike other styles, clients are also asked to have a bowel movement at least 30 minutes beforehand to ensure the massage is as clean and comfortable as possible for both you and your masseuse. Once you are comfortable and prepared, your masseuse will ask you to undress and lie face down on the massage table, bed or floor (this can be chosen by you most of the time). A small towel will be provided for some privacy until you feel ready to remove it.

Your chosen masseuse will start by performing a full body massage which will focus on ironing out points of tension and relaxing your body. She will start by concentrating on your head, neck and shoulders, before working her way down your lower back, thighs and calves. Her gentle touch will send you into a state of pure relaxation, as your arousal levels begin to rise. Once all remaining knots have been ironed out, your masseuse will ask you to turn over, and will proceed to remove the towel covering your groin.

Your masseuse will begin to lightly knead and caress various pressure and acupuncture points located within the groin that are connected to the prostate, resulting in a light production of fluid. Using a finger, your masseuse will manually massage your prostate. This indescribable sensation will send your mind into a state of frenzy, your arousal levels making your entire body tremor and shake. By this point, any reservations you may have had will begin to fade away as your gorgeous masseuse continues to stimulate your G-spot.

During this time, you might experience a build up of fluid; but do not be put off. This will feel incredible. The various techniques used by your masseuse will eventually get you to the point of no return. Whilst stimulating your prostate, your masseuse will totally drain or 'milk' your prostate, resulting in a huge orgasm which will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. As well as cleaning and generally improving your anal health, you will feel rejuvenated, your mind will be clear and you will feel totally satisfied.

Shantou Sensual Massage

Do you feel like the workload is piling up? Do you feel as though you’ve simply got too much on your plate and you never have any time for yourself? Perhaps your relationship with your partner has just lost that spark. Well whether it’s a hectic lifestyle or intimacy problems, a sensual massage can fix that.

Why try a sensual massage in Needsomelove

As humans, we desire intimacy. Touch is a magical thing – it invokes feelings of comfort, warmth, connection and intense pleasure. It’s arguably one of the most necessary components for maintaining mental well-being. At needsomelove our sensual massages will work to make sure you get the intimacy that you need.

Sensual massages are not just sexual services – they are spiritual experiences. It’s based on the idea that the body possesses a number of energies, which need to be regularly released. Traditional massage types such as shiatsu can liberate some of the energies, but sensual also focuses on releasing sexual tensions. Imagine being totally free of all that pent-up frustration. It’s a blissful feeling, isn’t it? Because sensual massage stimulates the more sexual areas of the body, it takes the experience to a whole new level which isn’t possible with traditional massage. You can expect to reach an almost meditative state, leaving you deeply relaxed, satisfied and motivated for whatever the day throws at you.

Because sensual massages focus on energy release, you may feel them resurface in a variety of different ways – from blocked, subconscious emotions to physical tension. So whether you laugh, cry or feel insanely aroused, don’t worry – it’s just your blocked energies being released. Some people even experience orgasms, and while this is a welcomed response, keep in mind that it’s not the main goal of a sensual massage. But because libido and arousal problems can sometimes be related to high stress and anxiety, the sensual stimulation techniques used can help clients overcome orgasm issues.

What to expect from a sensual massage session?

Sensual massage uses tantric techniques that involve touching of the body, and in most cases, both the client and the masseuse will be naked. we always put the client’s needs and desires first, so all our services are tailored for each individual customer. Because of this, the sensual massage experience may vary from person to person.

Typically, an incall sensual massage session will begin with a short tantric ritual, which may involve ethereal music and a shared bath ceremony to relax you. Then, the therapist will begin a relaxing nude full body massage, using light, gentle touches. She’ll move her soft hands, slick with scented oil, slowly down your tingling body before touching your erogenous zones. This will arouse you and send your senses into overdrive. You’ll subconsciously begin to exercise breath control to prevent releasing anything (you know what we mean here!) too soon.

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This intense stimulation of the sexual organs is what makes a sensual massage so different. The masseuse will tease and arouse you, constantly bringing you to the pinnacle of arousal and back again until your mind will be completely swimming in desire and lust. When you finally do release, you’ll feel your tensions, worries and stresses melting away. You won’t get this from a traditional massage. Sensual massage blends both muscular pleasure and sexual satisfaction through intimate touch. It’s the ultimate crescendo that will fully relieve your body’s tensions.

Shantou Tantric Massage

What is tantric massage and why should you try it?

Tantric massage is a massage therapy that focuses on slow and sensual movements to help release physical and mental tensions. It’s been around for thousands of years, its roots tracing all the way back to ancient India. The art was founded with the aim of connecting the male and female sexual energies. whether you get an incall or outcall Tantric massage, it is the perfect balance between control and arousal, making it an ideal form of sexual therapy.

Tantric massage aims to smooth out any blocked energies in your body and allow you to be free of tension, while enjoying feelings of extreme arousal. This balances the Chakras, energy centres that control different areas of the body, with the mind, body and spirit. Regular re-balancing of the Chakras will help with physical and emotional stability.

What to expect

Our tantric massage service will help you let go of all of the tensions and worries that you’ve built up from everyday life. Our masseuses are highly trained in the Tantra practice and know exactly how to take you to a higher mental level. With tantric massage, the senses work to keep you fully aware of everything that’s going on. It’s best to come into a Tantra session with an open mind, so you can experience the full mind-blowing extent of the massage.

It’s important to remember that tantric massage is one of the slowest and most intense massage therapies of them all, because the main aim is to awaken the senses to the point of blissful arousal. So, we recommend booking a session longer than an hour to reap the full sensual benefits. Choose from one of our stunning and highly trained and let her take you on a whirlwind adventure of arousal and desire.

The tantric massage therapist will slowly work her hands on your body, smoothing out tension and exploring until she has good knowledge of all your sensitive spots. Once you’re relaxed, she will slowly build up your arousal and desire by focusing on your weak spots, teasing and probing until you find yourself in a heightened state of intense lust. Most people enter an almost dreamlike state, only aware of their arousal and desires. Depending on your reactions, the masseuse will continue to tease you before finally embarking on the long and drawn-out yet intensely pleasurable happy ending that’s associated with a traditional tantric massage. It really is an unforgettable experience that’s not for the light-hearted! Our tantric massage services will take you on a mind-blowing journey that’ll give you a release like never before (and we don’t mean just tension!).

What’s included in our service?

Full body massage

Completely erotic and highly arousing

Slow but extremely sensual build up

An intense happy ending by the hand of a beautiful masseuse

1hr+ massage

Bulk booking discounts available

It’s totally professional and discrete

At Needsomelove massage, our loyal customers and masseuses’ safety and well-being are our top priorities. All of our masseuses are not only genuine and authentic , but they have been highly trained in the art of professional erotic and sensual massage. We will endeavour to make the experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible, but if you are ever unhappy with your session in any way, please do let us know and we’d be happy to help. Our ultimate aim is to help your fantasies become reality.

We understand that personal privacy is very important, so we promise that all bookings remain 100% confidential and kept between you and you masseuse. Your personal and contact details will never be shared to anyone other than your masseuse, and for confidentiality reasons, we only accept cash payments – card payments will not accepted under any circumstance. Please have the payment ready to present to the masseuse prior the session otherwise the tantric massage will not be performed. If you’re booking more than one session, please contact us first so we can arrange a multi-booking discount.

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Shantou Outcall Massage

Shantou Outcall Massage is the go to premier class outcall massage service in Shantou . We aim to provide the highest quality outcall massage experiences. Our impressive range of ladies will help to rejuvenate and refresh your body and mind making you overall much healthier. We can provide you with a unique and thrilling outcall massage experience one that you will have often dreamed and fantasized about, an outcall massage that leaves you in the happiest mood possible and totally relaxed.

There are many great things to try at least once in your lifetime, however, none even come close to a seductive and sensually arousing outcall massage in Shantou with one of our beautiful and petite goddesses. There are many offering outcall tantric, erotic, nuru, body to body, lingam, four hand and many other massage types, however, they don’t even come close to the sublime little stunners we have here at Shantou Outcall Massage. Our superb choice of ladies are the kind you use to fantasize about when you where a young man, those whose slight touch with their supple soft skin could make your legs tremble.

What Is An Outcall Massage

An outcall massage is one where the massage takes place in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. This allows our stunningly exotic masseuses to bring this luxury experience to you, while you relax in your own familiar surroundings. Our individually tailored outcall massage services not only help to ensure that you don’t become stressed trying to find your masseuses location but also remove any hassle of having of traveling across Shantou with its busy traffic.

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We began as a small outcall massage provider in Shantou. Over the years we have grown to be one of Shantou's best and most respected providers of outcall massage in Shantou.

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Professional and discrete erotic massage service

We pride ourselves on being a company that always puts our clients’ and employees’ safety and well-being first. All of our masseuses are over the age of 22, and have been highly trained in the arts of erotic massage. We will endeavour to provide the easiest and most enjoyable experience for you, but if you are ever unhappy with any of our services in any way, please do let us know, and we will be happy to help.

We understand that total discretion and privacy is extremely important. To keep your bookings completely confidential, we will never share your personal or contact details with anyone other than the masseuse, and all payments must be made in cash – card payments will not accepted under any circumstance. Please have the payment ready to give to the masseuse before the session, otherwise the massage cannot commence. Discounts are available for block bookings, so please contact us first so we can arrange it for you.

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