Body to Body Massage

if you are looking to transform your deepest desires and fantasies into an erotic reality, a Body to Body Massage is just what you need. Whether you are pining for human intimacy or just need to relax, one of our trained masseuses will guide you through a sensual experience that will clear your mind and open you up to a world of pleasure. At needsomelove service , our aim is to make your experience unforgettable, so don’t hesitate any longer and let us show you what we can do for you.

What is a body to body massage?

Our Body to Body Massages are extremely intimate and require you and your masseuse to be naked/semi naked to achieve that extra closeness. This style of massage was designed to cater for those who crave intimacy and sensuality; but the best part is, you get to share this with a beautiful decent. Drenched in special massage oils, your masseuse will slide across your slippery naked body, massaging and caressing every inch of your torso, limbs and intimate areas. Your masseuse will introduce you to pleasure points that you never knew existed, and will help teach your body to unlock and experience the purest of sensations. Body to Body Massages are the ultimate pleasure, and promise to leave you completely satisfied in every way possible. But you need stop imagining it, and come experience it for yourself.

What to expect during a session.

As you are aware, Body to Body massages require naked/semi naked contact, so participants are expected to thoroughly shower beforehand to ensure that both you and your masseuse are as clean as possible. This will make the experience more enjoyable for you, but will also help relax your body and mind. Once you arrive for your incall body to body massage. Your masseuse will start by asking you to undress and lie face down on the massage table. The room will have been transformed into a haven of tranquillity, with scented candles burning and soothing music playing lightly in the background to relax you even further. Warm massage oil will then be drizzled across your body, and your masseuse will start to glide her hands across your sleek physique.

At first, your personally selected masseuse will perform a full body massage on you, to iron out any points of tension across your body. Her experienced hands will knead the stress from your body as pure euphoria descends on the room. Her light and gentle touch will heighten your sensitivity, and prepare you for the nearing body-to-body contact. Once your masseuse is sure you are relaxed, she will then proceed to drench herself in oil and thoroughly rub it in across the many curves of her body. She will then gently mount you and continue glide, push, grind and slide across every inch of your body. The sensation is unparalleled, and will transcend you into a state of frenzy. You will then be asked to turn over and experience the contact face to face. This time round, you will be able to see your sexy masseuse pushing and grinding her slender body, breasts and genitals against your own. If this is too much to handle, if your sensitivity begins to reach breaking point, do not worry, just let it go. Although not expected, orgasms are welcomed and encouraged, because after all, they are the ultimate release. Whether you experience that release once, twice, several times or not at all, your masseuse will make sure you experience the ultimate pleasure both physically and spiritually.