Erotic Massage

Erotic massage. Doesn’t it sound heavenly? Doesn’t sound like something that belongs in your wildest dreams? Well luckily for you, we at needsomelove can help turn those fantasies into reality. Our highly trained masseuses have been specially trained in the art of erotic massage and are available at the click of a button or a phone call away.

Maybe you’ve been feeling low from the stresses of work and everyday life. Maybe you’ve been all work and no play. An erotic massage is the perfect way to experience relaxation, fun and thrill all at the same time – and at the hands of a beautiful masseuse with a flawless body.

Massages are one of the oldest forms of manual therapy, and erotic takes it to another level – healing not only the body but pleasing the mind as well. Erotic massages aren’t just insanely sexy, they’re great for balancing the mind, helping with muscle pain and improving sex drive. Who said you can’t enjoy what’s good for you?

Why is an erotic massage so good?

A lot of people confuse a sensual massage for an erotic, but actually, the erotic is a step up. While sensual focuses on heightening the senses for arousal, erotic massage techniques stimulate the erogenous zones until you reach a level of arousal and desire you’ve never reached before. We at needsomelove pride ourselves on providing services tailored to our individual client, so whether you’re a regular or a newbie, do not worry – our highly trained masseuses will know how to pleasure you to the edge of bliss and beyond.?

What to expect from an erotic massage

Erotic massages are about slow hands and gradually building up arousal and desire to the point of release. It’s a very intensely pleasurable process. You might be grumpy and tense when you begin the session, but we guarantee you’ll come out a happy, excited new man.

Once you have arrive for your incall massage experience. The session will typically begin with the masseuse slowly massaging down your body, exploring your sensitive areas and working out any tight knots. Once you’re relaxed and your muscles are supple and soft (all except one!), the masseuse will begin to work on your erogenous areas, which is what takes this massage onto another level. She’ll bring you to the edge and back, teasing, stroking and playing until she’s satisfied your desire is burning into overdrive. When she allows you to release, you’ll feel as though you’re in Nirvana – an explosion of happiness, ecstatic joy and pleasure will flood out, and you’ll be left feeling drained yet satisfied with a balanced mind and soul.