Nuru Massage

Have you ever heard of a nuru massage? Well, it’s also known as the ‘body slide massage’ because of the way the masseuse literally slides over the client as a way of massaging. It certainly is a creative and memorable way of massaging!

People who have experienced a nuru massage have called it the ‘ultimate pleasure’ and it’s said to be even better than sex – thanks to its highly arousing, teasing and foreplay-like nature. By having every inch of your bodies touch, nuru massages are more than just sensual and erotic. They allow your bodies and souls to connect in passionate frenzy of spirituality. At Needsomelove , our highly trained masseuses know exactly how to make your bodies tick.

The history of nuru massage

Japan is a country famed for its creativity and individuality. It’s also well-known for creating one of the most erotic massages out there. Although it’s highly erotic and sexual, it’s still celebrated as an art form. Unlike many other cultures where it’s seen as taboo, the Japanese recognise the necessity of sex for a personality.

Nuru massage was developed when explicit prostitution became illegal in Japan in 1958. The adult industry then turned to sensually bathing and massaging clients to the point of orgasm as an alternative to sex. These bathhouses, or ‘soaplands’ as they’re sometimes known as, became popular and are now one of the most expensive and desired services in Japan’s red light district.

What makes nuru so special?

As you now know, a nuru massage is a massage that involves full body contact. When a nuru massage session is underway, no part of your body or the masseuse’s will be left untouched! But the difference between a nuru and a body to body massage is the gel that’s used. In a body to body massage, the usual massage oils and lotions are used. But a nuru massage uses a special edible gel that’s made from the Nori seaweed. It’s odourless and colourless, but extremely slippery. It acts as a sort of lubricant, allowing for minimum friction and maximum slide between your two bodies – meaning ultimate pleasure for you!

What to expect in a nuru massage

After you’ve chosen your dreamy masseuse, and decided upon whether you wish for an incall or outcall massage, they’ll begin the session with a steamy shared shower or bath. This is to help you relax and begin the spiritual bonding process with the masseuse. Plus, it’s totally naughty –don’t you think?

Once you’re clean and relaxed (and probably a little aroused), the masseuse will take you to the massaging area, which may be a massage table, a bed or comfortable floor space. She will ask you to get comfortable while she mixes the nuru gel with warm water to get the desired consistency. She’ll then cover her entire naked body in the gel – while you watch – before stroking it onto your own body and rubbing it all over.

This is where the massage will turn particularly steamy. She’ll slowly climb on top of you, and start to sensually grind and rub her oiled body all over you. There won’t be a single part of her body that won’t touch yours. That’s right – this gorgeous woman will be pressing and sliding her breasts, stomach, buttocks, legs and groin against your skin, as well as using her hands. You’ll be going wild with desire. We recommend taking the passion to the next level and allowing her to stimulate you right to the very end. Feel all of your stresses and worries melt away with the brush of a well-trained hand. Feel a release like never before!